The MJP Studio was founded by Marek Janicek in 2010. One year later a childhood friend, Zuzana Makaryszynova joined in. MJP studio has become on of the best and most successful photo studios in southern Slovakia supported by excellent references. The creative team offers a wide range of services and products to its clients. “We are a young and creative team with big dreams, a healthy sense of humor and sophisticated photographic vision. Together we have over 25 years of experience in both photography and graphic design. Thanks to these skills and creative ideas the choice of many clients falls on us. Our offer includes among the services related to photographic manipulations both photographic post-production and graphic design.

Recently we created an autonomous photo printing system, which bears the name of now popular “SelfieCam”. Various exclusive wedding or family photo books can also be found among our products and we can also offer photo printing onto linen and further modern art materials at affordable prices. Whether it is a wedding, a family or publicity photo production to serve the needs to all our clients, we pay great attention to our work to meet the maximum satisfaction. Our goal is to design unique ideas in order to best reflect the ideas of our customers. Thus, the quality of our photographic work is considered unique as it is only separated by one of the most important pillars: the experience. We hope that the professional experience we gained during decades, the attitude towards our clients, our precision and our diligence will not miss your attention and soon we will win your trust too.”



Annual average volume of photographs


Increasing number of customers is a proof of quality of our services


Long tradition, experience and professionalism


Excellent customer service

Marek Janiček

I grew up in a multicultural society as a child of parents living in ethnically mixed, Hungarian-Slovak marriage, thanks to which I have soon realized that I have to look at things (and people) from the various perspectives. I have already been fascinated by the photography in my early years and as a teenager I have carried my first camera almost everywhere.

In 1999 I spent nearly four years in the Middle East, where the human lives and fates became a major inspiration for my photographic work. I had (and still have) a great respect for documentary, however things have changed after the events of 9.11. and I decided that I put this genre aside and look at things from the other, thus a more positive angle. So I got to the wedding and portrait photography.

At the end of 2002, I have received an offer to work in the United States where I later earned a degree in the prestigious school New York Institute of Photography. I had the opportunity to work and learn from well-known photographers such as Monte Zucker, Doug Gordon and Mark Greenberg. Today I’ve had over 15 years experience in the international market in the field of photography and design. My photos have been published in many magazines, advertising materials and many of them decorate the blank walls and wedding albums of my customers – today my friends. I am an active member of WPPI – international association of professional wedding and portrait photographers and also a member of NAPP – Association of post-production professionals. I invest into new technologies regularly and I improve my knowledge on various international trainings and conferences every year. Since the first half of year 2011 I operate one of the largest, and I believe that even one of the best photo studios in the southern Slovakia.

So if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding day and you like our photos and photography style, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Zuzana Makaryszynová

Marek and I are friends for over 30 years and I am working with him for about 10 years now. Regarding our style of shooting, we are both creative and pedant so we make a great team.

Of course, the photo itself already belongs to my lifestyle and I am extremely happy that I can work in the field that interests me and is also my hobby. As a child I spent a lot of time with my mom at the store where she worked. There I have been inspired by the work with people and also arranger work, which I have even studied later. From there it was not far to the advertising and photography itself.

I’m an incurable romantic so the work of photographer is perfect for me! It’s an indescribable experience to be beside the young people when they say their “I DO”. To capture a mother who sheds tears of happiness or to perpetuate little bridesmaid who proudly takes the bride’s veil and will remember this moment through my photo for all her life…

However it’s not just a wedding for which I have deep emotions. It’s also a young family that awaits new member arrival. Sincere baby faces or a young ballet dancer that sparkles with joy when she receives her first professional portfolio.

Simply I love photos on which you can see the joy, comfort, good mood and a lot of – A LOT OF love :-)

I belong among few people, who can tell that they work is also their hobby. Originally I studied economics and I have years of experience in book keeping and administration work. After my maternity leave I chose to have a job where I could use my creative talent. I consider myself a creative person and although I only got to photographic work in 2010, I was always inspired by photography as a genre.

The birth of my daughter encouraged me to develop myself in this field. My favorite shootings are with families and kids, but I am confident to shoot wedding portraits too. Beside photo shoots I am pleased to put myself into all sorts of projects related to graphic design and retouching related jobs. I successfully completed a web design course in 2015, where I gained a lot of experience in creating websites and various graphic elements.

Already at the time whilst I was only getting to know the city of Komárno, the MJP Studio caught my attention. I started to use my experience right here at the beginning of 2016. This job fulfills me and I am pleased to work with such professionals as Marek and Suzanna.

The best decision was to choose you. The result exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied! Thank you for an unforgettable experience and beautiful pictures.
Monica Papp
At the time of booking our wedding photographers, we didn’t realize that we’ll also meet new a new friend. Zuzana, thank you for your professional approach, beautiful pictures, incredible album and for the awesome video slide-show that made us cry :o) Highly recommended!
Marek is a professional that I really admire. He created a fantastic atmosphere and was very patient and cheerful during the photo session. He knew exactly what images we were looking for! He’s a modern, creative and fantastic person. Highly recommended!
Kate Michalková
Thank you again for the great photos and your service, the whole photo session was so much fun. We hope you enjoyed your trip to Germany!
Marcus & Irina
Marcus & Irina


Svadobná fotografia

Wedding Photography

“For the complete satisfaction of our clients we use a range of creative ideas, while we guarantee the highest image quality.”

If both of you are longing for an unforgettable memory that will share your unique story to the next generations, you are just on the right place.

The main pillar of our success is the way of communication and creative shooting technique which is known for its ease, casualness and touch for the detail where quality takes precedence over quantity. We emphasise on the quality of the photos and we try to capture the wedding day so that the final result will come alive in the form of a unique romantic story. Additional numbers of side photos therefore are taken as positive factor, rather than a condition.

In order to maintain the high quality of our work we limit the number of weddings per year for up to 25.

Wedding packages

4-obrad-hostina-8Usually every wedding couple has set different financial resources from which the choices of wedding services will derive. Based on current requirements we offer 5 concessional packages. The content of each Wedding package includes the actual shooting and about a week of postproduction work. Packages do not include printed (paper) photos! DVD media contains quality optimized pictures in HD resolution so the printing is guaranteed up to a poster size. We also offer the design and production of Exclusive Wedding Albums. More information can be found here.

Regarding available dates and prices of wedding packages please contact us via e-mail. At the first contact please state your name, contact details (phone + email), date and place of the wedding. Firm bookings of the dates are only after the receipt of advance payment that equals 30% of the price of package. We operate throughout Europe & USA.

Exkluzívne fotoknihy a albumy

Exclusive Albums

Exclusive photobooks are bound by hand. Inner pages of the album consists of photos made ​​by classic RA- 4 chemical process on Kodak Endura Supra professional photopaper. The surface of pages may be glossy, matte, silk or metallic. This professional photopaper ensures the highest visual quality with a lifetime of over 100 years. UV protection is applied on all the pages of the photobook, which prevents fading and adhesion of the pages in case they come in contact with liquid. Thickness and hardness of the pages is 300g to 700g (approx. 1,5 mm) and therefore they are protected against creasing and other mechanical damage . Each double-page is printed on a seamless piece of paper which results in monolithic surface with no photo interruption in the middle section. Inner corners of photobooks can be a classic square or arched.

We offer 7 basic dimensions of photobooks but we can also produce atypical photobooks of up to 40x100cm in size. The cover of photobooks can be “Art” eco leatherine, canvas material or genuine Italian leather. We offer 12 kinds of italian leather, 26 kinds of eco leather and various art materials. We can customize the cover with embossing or embroidery of names, company logo or ornament based to your demand. For more demanding customers we can make the edges silver or 24 carat gold.

The most popular wedding Photobooks are in our discounted collections, containing one large photo book for the couple and two smaller ones for parents. This photobook collection is visually identical and also have the same number of photos.

Classic & Deluxe Albums

We also offer traditional wedding albums with selfadhesive pages or plactic pockets for insertion of photos. Classic and Deluxe albums are the perfect alternative choice. The album Classic is a 13x18cm classic white wedding album with insertion pockets for 38 photographs. Deluxe type album mesures between 20x30cm and 30x30cm and includes 20-30 selfadhesive pages for up to 100 photographs.

Deti a Rodina

sebok_adam-36Kids & Family

Kids are generally very active and they get tired early during the shootings, so it is very difficult to keep them in one place. To reach the best photographs, our aim is to take as many pictures as possible in the least time possible. Family and kids photos are taken indoors and outdoors too. A photo session with new born babies can also undertake place in home environment.


niki-50Photographs of expecting mothers, couples and new born babies are very popular nowadays. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and this is one of the main reasons why they wish to have the progress of pregnancy documented in photographs too. We ca help them to remember each moths of the pregnancy a different way. It is great to have all those memories so if you would like to have the most wonderful artistic pictures taken of you, please come and visit us.

A few good advices

* Please make an appointment 3-4 weeks before the actual shooting, especially if you are expecting the little one in the spring or summer, because in the wedding season our professionals are very busy.
* It is the best to plan these kinds of shootings for the seventh or eighth months of the pregnancy, when the belly is nicely seen, curling up already and it is still comfortable to pose.
* Bring along small baby shoes, socks or small toys that you bought for your little one already.

Making an appointment

It is important for us that you make your appointment in time, so we can be well prepared.

Personal meeting

Even if you made your appointment by calling in, we appreciate a short personal meeting with all our clients. It is nothing formal, just to be able to talk over the actual details, settings and location in case you require outdoor shootings. We can advice you what bring or what to leave at home.

niki-39The day of the shooting

It depends on various orders, but the shooting is usually done in between 30 and 60 minutes. During this time we make plenty of beautiful pictures.

Processing and editing

The next 5 to 7 days your photographs will go trough digital processing, which means that we cut them and adjust the color effects. After this we arrange them to a privet folder what we call Clients Album and the link and the password for you to be able to open this folder will be sent to an e-mail address given us in advance.


After you received and checked the photographs in the folder you can choose and order the pictures you wish to have comfortable from your home.

Receiving and processing the order – Post Production

The ordered photos are retouched in the final phase and are cut into the dimension you chose to have. Mostly it is only the skin on the face that is requested to be retouched. Also we can remove minor flies in the ointment such as birth signs, moles, stretch marks or other minor nuisances. Once all is done you can pick up the photographs personally in our studio during opening hours or you can have them delivered by post to your address.



We are offering individualy drawn portraits for clients with different ideas. We realize classic portrait work for different documents, licenses, firearm licenses, resumes, personal or corporate profiles and student panels. We provide premium photography services for genres such as Acts, conceptual portraits and of course portfolios for models and modeling agencies. We creare various comp cards for models – even for the beginners.

We also accept premium portrait assignments for commercial purposes, presentations and promotion of business leaders, politicians, artists, musicians etc. All photos are subject to certain quality standards.

Oznamká, Tablá, Stužková


01bThe main priority for us in photography and design is creativity and originality, that is what differs us from other ferial offers. The years of experience taught us that the old fashioned traditional pictures are not used anymore on prom tableaus, they are outdated. We rather create and design in a way to outperform the traditional mass productions.

We always make sure that not only the style of our shootings but also the editing is joyful for both parties which will lead to more natural, stiff-less portraits. The photos for the prom memory cards are also designed by the latest fashion trends and again we make sure that the shooting is a great experience. In every case we try to take the real self image of each individual. In order to achieve this goal, we work very responsibly to fulfill your requests.

01aWe take more shots for the students to be able to choose the best one. The actual choice of the most liked one is very easy and does not take long time. Straight after your photos are taken, images are projected on a large led screen to show all the alternative poses & expressions. All students are also given a passcode to our a private library where they can view all their photographs again from home. Chosen photographs are edited and in a very short period they are ready to be picked up.

Design of a prom tableaus

There is no limit what so ever when it comes to design, it only depends on the client’s imagination. The art board is designed together with the client in order to reach maximum satisfaction. In terms of sizes there are no limits. You can choose from pocket size boards all the way up to billboard sizes tobe placed where you find fit.

darcekova poukazka


Delight your loved ones and give them a luxurious gift card. The gift card is an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and also weddings. They are available for 50-100-200-500 EUR and are valid for 12 months. You can purchase them in our Studio or request a delivery to your home address.

Darčekové Poukážky

Komerčná fotografia

Commercial Photography

selfiecam icon


No more flat mood

The Selfie-Cam is an automated photo booth. It is made of a professional camera, a studio quality flash, a printer and a touch screen controlled by central computer. All well packaged in a designer box.

During the development period we paid great attention high quality captures. It is able to print photos on spot and also to send digital images via Wi-Fi or 4G to your e-mail as well as share them on your favorite social media.

How does it work?

Simply like a Polaroid and it is very easy to use. Press the start button on the screen and pose while looking at yourself and your friends on the screen. In three seconds the camera and the flash will be automatically activated to take the photo. This process is repeated three times which will result in three different images. In few moments the computer converts them into a photo collage and prints them onto a high quality photo paper.

selfiecam-05-20-16-kodo-mazda-11To what kind of events do we offer it?

Company parties, balls, birthday parties, weddings, class reunion or even kids parties. We also recommend the use at various events, opening ceremonies for retail stores etc.

The provided fancy accessories and unique backgrounds is a guaranteed entertainment for your guests. Designing and printing of customized photo borders with company names, logos and dates is a standard service we provide to all our clients. Images have a great marketing value since pictures are shared multiple times on different social networks. It can also be used for private parties, in this case we guarantee that all digital photos are handled with confidentiality and only the client will be able to access and share his event photos.



Kids & Family






Click and see it for yourself!


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